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Friday, December 5, 2014


Hello Everyone!

It's still early December, but I want to share my next 10 years resolution. Hihi
If you follow me on instagram, you've probably read this. But, I just can't only share this in my private instagram. Whoop whoop \m/

Got tagged by my hitzsister muehehehe, here's my #10bucketlists

1. Keep healthy, eat more vegetables and fruits, aaaand gain my weight #ahelah

2. Explore java with Chaca. Starting next year. InshaaAllah.

3. Best luck on my studies hahaha..

4. Graduate and continue my study.

5. Make my own money so I can buy all the things I want.

6. Buy a domain for my blog and keep blogging.

7. Go abroad next year (I keep the destination secret hahaha)

8. Make my parentsss proud of having baby girl like me. Prove them I can do more than this.

9. Should I write married to Chaca and steal his last name? Haha.. and something like raise our children together in our small yet comfy house with koi pond and blablabla? Haha..

10. Last but not least... I want to live my life happily. I wish nothing but a happy ending :)

Aaaaaaaand, I tag everyone who read this!!! Let me know your #10BucketLists yaaa :D


  1. Lama gak BW, gue kira yang beginian udah pindah ke instagram.
    Ternyata masih ada di blog.
    Hmmm, semoga semuanya tercapai ya :)

    1. hahaha iya bang.. aslinya di instagram trus aku pindahin ke blog.. makasih udah mampir... :)
      amiin :D